What Is Global Mobility?

What Is Global Mobility?

The 21st century is the age of globalization; the age when the world becomes more connected in each aspect of life. More and more large & small companies are expanding beyond their home countries to capitalize on the international market, promote their development, outreach to customers worldwide, and collaborate with partners. In real terms, this means the physical transportation of individual employees around the world. This movement is what we call ‘Global Mobility’.

The challenge of global mobility

Moving people from many nations through different borders requires lots of preparation, agreements, paperwork, and plenty of unpredictable difficulties. Everything is fragmented as most tasks belong to a different stakeholder/partner. The whole process becomes extremely error prone due to a large amount of external tools and people involved. Not even mentioning that it’s quite a time-consuming process. All this leads to complexity and confusion for both the HR department and employees.

The mission of GMS

The primary goal of Global Mobility Services is to help multinational companies expand worldwide as smoothly as possible. But if you look into this deeper there’s one more important mission. With simplifying the process of moving between countries, more companies will consider this option for their businesses and eventually implement it. In other words, GMS aims to make the world even more global.

More details: what problems does it solve

  1. Immigration. GMS service integrates legal procedures which include applying for visas, presenting all requirements the employees must fulfill (invitation letters, income, etc) and filling in all forms.
  2. Household goods shipping. Obviously, when people move, they often want to bring their belongings, especially if it’s long term or permanent moves. GMS helps pick the most suitable transport option, reliable companies, and ensures all goods are transported to the employee’s new home.
  3. Home search. Finding new homes in host countries is difficult, whether it’s the employee’s or HR’s task, as there are legal and financial issues as well as catering to the needs of each individual. This service helps take on this task.
  4. School and kindergarten search. Similar to home searches, school searches are complicated and a very personal matter. This service helps to make the transition for employee’s children that bit easier for everyone.
  5. Flights and hotels. While it may not be the most difficult aspect of relocation, it is important to ensure that from day one things go smoothly and nothing is forgotten. GMS can have partnership programs with airlines and booking systems, which makes it easier to choose.
  6. Payroll and tax estimates. Multinational companies must be aware of all information regarding taxes in both the home and host country and the GMS service helps to do that by managing global payrolls and showing all the vital information to the company.

And the most important advantage of Clearmove, as a perfect example of GMS, is that all of the instruments can be managed within one platform. In fact, we are the first and the only ones to create the whole ecosystem that joins the vendors, the HR departments and the employees under one ‘roof’.

Clearmove is a magic wand for HR departments, that helps them integrate and streamline a variety of complex processes when relocating human resources. A centralized and transparent ecosystem with a professional support team is aimed to not only help multinational companies but to develop Global Mobility as a whole. Join us today and expand your business globally.

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