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What Happens When You Don’t Outsource Employee Relocation

It isn’t easy to thrive in the ever-changing business environment. In order to stay competitive, companies often resort to different means to acquire and retain talents. Among the available options, relocation packages are one of the well-proven strategies to acquire talents and stay competitive in the field.

While it might appear that in-house relocation processes are easier to maintain, here are some reasons why outsourcing proves to be a better course of action — or rather, what happens when you don’t outsource employee relocation. 

Staggering Cost

Let’s be honest — relocation is not exactly affordable. The costs can add up easily every step along the way — visa costs, legal fees, flight tickets… every single step can incur extra cost. According to a report by Business News Daily, relocation for existing employees who already own a house can cost up to a staggering $70,000.

However, most of the corporate relocation companies have an extensive network of service providers, often providing discounted rates and thus, can help cut down expenses. Here at Clearmove, we have a well-established network of service providers from around the world, at your service. 

Every penny counts, and outsourcing the process can help mitigate the cost. 

Unforeseen Circumstances

Besides the more obvious considerations such as the visas and flight tickets, some factors can have a huge impact on the relocation experience for both the employers and employees. What about the cultural difference at the destination country, for example? Or finding a school network for the assignees’ children? 

This is another reason why corporate relocation solutions prove to be a better decision. With their experienced and knowledgeable experts, everything is taken care of, even the more niche requirements. 

Inefficient Time Management

Some companies might resort to in-house relocation managers. While this is indeed an option, the numerous requirements involved might be overwhelming for all parties involved, and the extra time spent on dealing with various service providers can be utilized on more important tasks instead. 

Relocation processes can be a complex affair with numerous steps involved. However, with Clearmove’s comprehensive ecosystem, everything can be well taken care of at your fingertips, with every single process clearly displayed on our dashboards — from real-time flight tracking to direct cost claims, all at a glance. 

We take care of every single step along the way, allowing you to focus on more important tasks instead.

Poor Compliance

Tax and legal requirements can be strict when it comes to relocation, which is why there’s a need for experts in this field to take care of this for you. Bear in mind that different countries have their own regulations, and the laws in one country might not translate to another. While in-house counsels can offer advice to a degree, having an expert who’s well versed in international relocations is essential in the moving process. 

Here at Clearmove, our experts have both the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the process, and they can help make sure all tax-deductible requirements are met on each of your relocations.


Corporate relocation is a new trend that is here to stay, and we at Clearmove aim to revolutionize the global relocation services — a streamlined solution and ecosystem at your service. 

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