Why well-being in the workplace is vital: Clearmove’s experience

The employees at Clearmove play a very important role. This means that we need to have highly skilled employees whose health and well-being are taken care of. By prioritizing well-being in the workplace we create an inclusive and supportive environment.

How do we ensure this?


Working from home

March 2020 will be remembered in world history as a watershed moment for businesses. Lots of companies took a break or temporarily shut down because of the inability to move their work into the online world. All of Clearmove’s offices worldwide made a decision to move online, so our employees continued working, but safely from their home. Even now (autumn 2020), when the restrictions have been eased, we are considering moving back to the office but with some flexibility, for example, people may choose which days they work from the office or at home.



Lockdown can be tough physically and emotionally. No one was prepared for the quarantine and not everyone had a proper working space at home, let alone the technical equipment. Those who needed help received from Clearmove additional computer equipment and even office chairs. A regular newsletter containing tips on how to organize your home office, how to stay healthy, book recommendations and more, was and still is a great information source in these uneasy times.

Another way to support each other is English speaking clubs that we started to hold weekly. This is a great opportunity for all employees to not only practice speaking in a foreign language between different departments and countries, but also to talk to colleagues in an informal atmosphere.


Clear communication

We want to make sure that everyone is heard and listened to. Therefore, open communication is crucial. Since the quarantine started, we have been holding AMA (‘Ask Me Anything’) sessions monthly to make sure that there is no miscommunication between departments or single individuals. Regular leadership updates are also important so that everyone knows what is happening in the company.

We can’t but mention online parties during the lockdown, because we understand it’s so important to talk to other people, especially if you live alone. We are also doing offline corporate parties when possible, even during the ‘soft quarantine’ period.


Sport activities

We understand that physical activities help people achieve goals in life and at work. That’s why we want to encourage this type of hobby among our staff. Basketball sessions are being held twice a week for the Kyiv office, where everyone from Clearmove can participate for free. Currently, our HR team is working on other projects that can encourage employees to do more sports.



This is an important aspect of well-being that cannot be missed. Of course, health is the most important thing that a human can possess, so it’s vital that our employees feel safe and secure. After a three-month probation period our employees are granted a one-year insurance program, that can be extended to a premium one, depending on their country and position.



We understand that everyone can have some difficult life circumstances that can be an obstacle for full-time employment. However, if you really need flexibility, Clearmove can always compromise in certain situations. As an example, Dina Anzee, our Corporate Strategy Executive, is currently doing her Ph.D., so she needs some extra time for writing her doctorate. That’s why she works for Clearmove only 4 days a week – her Fridays are booked for the studying process. Flexibility as it should be.

Moreover, at Clearmove we do not have any compulsory working schedule. You can start working at any time between 8 and 11. Just discuss your schedule with your manager and make sure you work approximately 8 hours a day. But the most important thing is: make sure you can show a result.

This attitude ensures that we do not require our employees to just be present in their workplaces no matter what, but we are focused on their result first and foremost.

As illustrated, Clearmove really takes care of it’s people. When you work with us, you can live your life as you wish, achieve your goals and feel supported in your health, well-being and life plan. So, if this sounds like something you want…

Be well. Work well. Join Clearmove!


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