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Legal personnel remain the unsung heroes in many companies — they are an invaluable asset to the establishment and yet often do not receive the praise they deserve. Legal Counsels provide the much-needed advice to the company, guide them through the tedious legal process, and in some cases, help them find their place in difficult situations. 

Nadia joined our team as a Legal Counsel — want to know what she does and how she helps bring value to our products? And more importantly, what’s her place as an In-house Counsel in the ever-changing IT environment? Read on to find out. 

About you and your work

Can you tell us a little bit about your hobbies?

I am really fond of visiting the theaters. The most exciting part about it is that it will always be a unique experience, even though you are visiting the same theater with similar listings. After I moved to Kyiv, it has been a breath of fresh air every time I visit the theater.

Why did you choose your career as a lawyer?  

It was actually an interesting discovery, albeit rather intriguing — I actually failed my first law test at school. It was the very beginning of my study, but my teacher allowed me to retake it, which I did manage to pass after some preparation. He then recommended that I try at the Olympiad in this discipline, and I ended up winning third place in the Lviv region. I think it was through the experience while preparing for the Olympiads that I discovered my passion for this field. 

Did you have a goal when you entered university? 

I wanted to be an attorney initially; I wanted to protect people and one of my dreams, when I become a successful attorney, is to open a rehabilitation center for ex-convicts. 

When it comes to legal proceedings, has anything changed over the years regarding your perspectives?

I would say so. Before my practice as a lawyer, I used to think that everything was straightforward and that every law was well-defined and regulated. However, now I realize that it isn’t always the case, and there are many areas that are open for interpretation. It is not that easy to find the root of the problem and simply solve it. 

Can you tell us more about your first experience as a lawyer?

I wasn’t a lawyer yet at the time, but in my university, we had a students’ community — Legal Clinic. This is an organization where law students provide legal advice to those who cannot otherwise afford it. It was there that I gave my first legal consultation and gained experience interacting with clients.

Do you think that working as an in-house counsel is a lonesome position?

As opposed to what some might believe, being a Legal Counsel is not that lonesome. We do have constant communication with clients, partners, business stakeholders — and colleagues, of course. However, when it comes to the difficult part, I would say that is the communication with state bodies since they are always unpredictable, and that can really complicate things. 

Why did you choose to work in an IT company instead of a law firm?

I worked in a law firm as an external consultant before I joined Clearmove. It was an interesting experience and I learned a lot from it. At the time, we also had a lot of connections with different IT companies, and it’s a field I am interested in, therefore I decided to give it a shot and became an In-house Counsel instead. 

What is it about the IT world that excites you? 

I think it’s about the values and community that it entails. In the more traditional lines of business, people tend to be more conservative, and the process can be plagued with bureaucracy; however, in the IT world, people tend to be more forward-thinking and are more willing to embrace changes. They are open and ready to bring new ideas to life. These are things that I appreciate. 

Some say lawyers tend to overwork, do you agree? 

Yes, that’s true. Some of my friends work in big law companies and it is a usual routine for them to work over the weekends. For me, being a lawyer means that the work is always with you — even when I shut down the laptop it doesn’t mean that I stop thinking about work. Sometimes, I just can’t stop thinking about it until I find the solutions. 

Do non-legal colleagues come to you as In-house Counsel for legal advice?

Sure, and I really appreciate that. Sometimes coming to us for legal advice can prevent unnecessary processes and it can really help to mitigate the risks. As a lawyer, I always prefer my non-legal colleagues to come to me first for any work-related legal questions rather than coming post-factum and say “Nadia, do something with it…”

Which aspect of your work do you find interesting?

I enjoy working with different fields, but I do find intellectual property protection laws rather interesting — as a lawyer, I do have to deal with a range of unique cases, which is something I do find fascinating.

Which aspect of your work do you find the most challenging?

In terms of legal work, I would say the most challenging aspect is not directly related to legal formalities — instead, it is more about coordination processes and engagement from other people. For example, working with corporate legal issues requires the involvement of many people, and that can be challenging sometimes.

Some people think that it can be dangerous being an attorney, do you agree? 

No, I don’t think so. It depends more on the client than the profession, I think. If you provide your service to those who solve their problems by force, you should be ready for any consequences. 

About Clearmove 

Did you know anything about Global Mobility before joining Clearmove?

Not so much, to be honest. Prior to joining the company, I knew something about companies that provide relocation services, but I was not aware of any software solutions in this field. 

Why did you choose Clearmove? 

I like the attitude and approach of the staff here, and I decided that it’d be an exciting opportunity. Clearmove is also very open to new ideas and initiatives, and therefore I don’t feel bound here, as I am always trusted and supported by the company. 

Which of the company’s values (Innovation, Initiative, Responsibility, Leadership, Resilience, Teamwork, People) resonates with you the most?

People and responsibility—these values appeal to me the most. You can have the best technology and the brightest idea, but you will still need a team to bring it to life. I also believe that each team member should realize their input has an effect on the processes, and everyone should do their best.

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