Books, cake, developers: How Clearmove celebrated the 256th day of the year

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Books, cake, developers: How Clearmove celebrated the 256th day of the year

Programmers’ Day is a great occasion for the whole IT world to meet up and congratulate the developers, those guys who are creating software on a day-to-day basis and change the world we are living in. Such a new holiday in the world’s history, but it has already become a great tradition in every software company.

The history of Programmers’ Day

It all began in Russia in 2002 by two men who worked for a company called Parallel Technologies. They decided to create Programmers’ Day as an official holiday honoring this profession and to gather signatures for the petition to the president, at that time it was Dmitry Medvedev. Nothing happened in 2002, but 7 years later Russia’s government gave the green light to this initiative.

While Programmers’ Day is not considered as an official bank holiday in many other countries, it is celebrated worldwide by programmers and their colleagues.

When is Programmers’ Day celebrated?

Programmers could not have done it differently and offered to celebrate it on the 256th day of the year. This number represents number two to the eight power and it’s the highest power of two which is less than 365 (days a year). It’s usually on the 12th of September in a leap year and on the 13th in a usual year.

How did we celebrate at Clearmove

Kyiv’s Clearmove office was the only one to celebrate Programmers’ Day in 2020 due to the quarantine restrictions in the UK and Abu-Dhabi. Our R&D team gathered on a sunny Saturday on the outskirts of Ukraine’s capital, at the exhibition center called ‘VDNH Expocentre’.

Nearly a dozen employees came over to celebrate the holiday, among them there were developers, product managers, designers, copywriters, and interns of different fields. On this day a literature exhibition took place at the venue, so all our colleagues had an opportunity to purchase unique books and get acquainted with modern trends in literature and culture on the whole.

At the Expocentre, there was a variety of activities and events, such as talks, book fairs, art masterclasses, sports, educational and creative sessions for families, food, and drinks! This way, anyone could do whatever they wanted on this day.

We even had a delicious cake with the company logo delivered to the staff, as a small token of appreciation for everyone’s hard work.

Programmers’ day was an awesome opportunity for the Kyiv office to gather in an informal setting and get acquainted with each other. Even though we do not have a physical office yet, we still find ways to meet up and chit chat in person and even have a small party.

If you want to be part of an organization that values you and organizes casual events for staff (and get a cake! :D) then come join us at Clearmove!


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