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No Need For Numerous Relocation Staff

Handling a relocation assignment as a service provider can be a complex ordeal with all the processes involved. It also requires a significant amount of human resources to handle the assignments, thus increasing the cost.

With the new advancements in technology, however, gone are the days of juggling between different parties. Here’s how newer technologies can transform global mobility and reduce the number of staff required to handle an assignment. 


Automation is perhaps one of the biggest revolutions in technology in recent years. While the idea existed for a long time, the technology is finally mature enough to implement automation in various sectors—including global mobility.

How does automation benefit global mobility, you may ask? Instead of manually entering the information to manage the assignment, platforms such as Paradigm, a platform we’ve designed to tailor the needs of service providers, can help facilitate the workflow while negating manual intervention. Simply enter the required information, and the algorithm will do the rest for you, which brings us to the next point.

Reduction of Manpower

Handling a relocation assignment requires involvement from different parties. The tricky part? Coordinating with every single one of them. Even for household goods moving, it might involve different companies in various locations simply due to the scale of the assignment. Add multiple assignments on top of that, and it would quickly become a nightmare to manage. 

However, with Paradigm, everything is centralized in one platform—all assignments included, with a clear overview of every single detail. It is also possible to directly adjust the action item checklist and the workflow, thus negating the need for multiple managers to handle assignments individually. 

Direct Communication 

Another headache while undertaking a huge assignment is communication—especially external ones with clients and other service providers. Normally, such tasks will require specific personnel to be on call at numerous times to support the assignment should any issues arise. However, this does not always have to be the case.

With Clearmove, efficiency is of our utmost concern. Gone are the days of redundant communication—instead of having multiple communication channels with different parties, everything is consolidated in one place. Through the Atlas and Voyager platform, HR and assignees can also submit their information and communicate directly with the service providers by their use of the Paradigm platform, eliminating the need for multiple and often redundant communication channels. 


Times are changing indeed, and the same goes for the global mobility landscape. With the advancement of technology, not only can the processes be simplified, but it is also faster and more efficient, allowing you to focus on things that matter.

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