Interview with the Product Designer

Ideas are just ideas without any action — while some team members can turn ideas into a reality, product designers are those who turn them into a reality we can see and interact with. Product designers have a very special place in a company as they are in charge of the look and experience of a product. 

Today we have Yuliia, our product designer, who’s going to talk about the process behind developing a product at Clearmove. Wanna know how she turns our ideas into reality? And what she thinks constitutes a well-designed product? Read on to find out. 

About You

How did you become a product designer?

My life has taken me to designs — I studied landscape design and architecture, actually. However, while I did work in this field for a while, the system and values there didn’t appeal to me. I tried working in different fields for a few years after that, trying to search for myself, and I eventually found myself in interface and product design. I never regret my decision. 

Was it difficult for you to become a product designer?

Sure, it was difficult at the beginning. However, as you are working and learning, and with the support from those around you, everything gets easier. 

How did you get your first job as a designer?

It’s something I’m pretty proud of, actually. Here’s what happened — after working some jobs here and there, I studied intensely all by myself for three weeks, you know, YouTube videos, books, and articles, anything I could lay my hands on. After that, I created the first two works on my portfolio, all from scratch. A week after publishing them, I was invited to my first studio, which became my first designer job. 

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

There’re a lot of things involved in product design — the stage of the product, the data provided by the clients, the size of the project, etc. But in a nutshell, as a product designer, I look for ideas to implement in the products: I create different scenarios, make prototypes of the product, and search for appropriate visual styles that make a great design. These are the main steps involved. 

What do you think makes a good product? 

Product designs are there to help solve the problems for both the clients and users. It’s a bit like a bridge between business and clients, and I think that good product designs mean that both parties should be satisfied, and they should not be in conflict.

Do you think being a product designer is difficult?

A lot of people might think that being a product designer is easy, that it is only about visuals — but no, as a product designer, you also have to try and analyze the business, work with different clients and stakeholders, and understand what they truly want. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

As a designer, have you ever had conflicts with clients about the design? 

Sure, it does happen once in a while. However, it is also my responsibility to try and understand the rationale behind their decision and the direction they are trying to go for. From my side, I would try to explain why I favor certain decisions over others — but at the end of the day, my job is to fulfill their goal and enhance the product.

Where do you find the motivations to go forward?

It might sound like a cliche, but my goal is to provide a better life for my parents — I know I have the power and ability to make sure they have all they need; I also have a little sister who said I am an example to her and wants to follow me in my footsteps. This is one of my biggest motivations — to be able to make a difference. 

About Clearmove

How did you find out about Clearmove?

The project manager Viktor reached out to me, actually. I was working as a freelancer at the time and I was pretty skeptical about working in a company. However, after getting to know the people and the company, I thought it was a very cool project and decided to join the team. 

What’s the thing that you like about working in Clearmove? 

I like the atmosphere here — you feel like you’re part of a big family, and that you’re raising a child together while working on a project. Everyone also gives the best of themselves while working together — for me it’s a wonderful feeling. 

Which of the company’s values (Innovation, Initiative, Responsibility, Leadership, Resilience, Teamwork, People) resonates with you the most?

All of them. I think it’s a bit like the product design chain — everything is interconnected and compliments each other. Without any of these principles, we can hardly achieve anything great. 

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