Interview with Our Visual Content Creator

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Interview with Our Visual Content Creator

Daniel’s love for photography and videography started when he saw his father with his film cameras. Through the years, he tried pursuing different careers, but his passions for photos and videos remained. 

Today, he found himself working at Clearmove as a photographer and videographer, alongside others who also love what they do. In today’s interview, he shares his journey of finding his passion, and how he found that support working at Clearmove. 

Daniel, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I came from a place called Pavlograd in Dnipro oblast, Ukraine, where a huge part of the population worked for the mines. When I was a kid, I used to look at how my father made photos, and the process left an impression on me. I had my first camera as a kid, an old Soviet camera. I remember meeting my friends for my birthday, and I didn’t know better and opened up the back … that was my first experience. But that was a great opportunity to learn. Now I have a three-year-old son—my strength and inspiration—and I started to teach him how to take pictures, just like how my father taught me. 

Have you been working as a photographer/videographer all these years?

I had different jobs—I worked as a UX designer and presenter on local TV. However, throughout the years, photo and video have always been my passion. I studied advertising and public relations in university, but at some point, I decided I wanted to turn my passion into a career. I then found myself working as a camera operator for some Ukrainian TV shows, and I knew that it was what I really wanted to do. 

How did you start working for Clearmove? 

I actually applied a few times at first. At some point, I received three job offers, but after talking to Anya, an HR specialist at Clearmove, I decided this is the place I want to work for. I used to work with some TV channels, producing TV series. But then I decided I want something new. 

I remember the first day at Clearmove—it was International Programmers’ Day, and I made a video for that. My new colleagues prepared a cake for it. But on top of that, it was also my birthday. People didn’t know about it at first, but in the evening they discovered it was my birthday, and they insisted that I try the cake and make a wish. 

What do you like the most about working at Clearmove? 

The team—I met great people who inspired me here, people with great backgrounds who make things interesting, that’s the first thing. The second thing is the opportunity, as I am able to work everywhere, and I can achieve results without being afraid, being restricted by the rules. It is the opportunity to do something new—I know that when I make mistakes, it is not always a bad thing—it can also be a great experience. 

I talked to Haitham, the founder of the company, during my first week, and I remember he told me “I hope you can realize all your creative ideas in this company.” It was a great opportunity—all my ideas, all my views, I was able to incorporate them into our projects. I always have the chance to continue to make it better. 

I received all I need for my work. It’s not just about resources, it’s about the team, the people—I feel that my opinion matters in the team. 

Here at Clearmove, we love what we do. Would you like to realize your visions through your work?

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