Interview with our Software Engineer

Oleksii joined Clearmove after he won “Backend Development” section of Clearmove’s IT Challenge back in June 2020. Having shown great results, he received a job offer as a Software Engineer Intern and after 3 months of excellent results, he was promoted to Associate Software Engineer. Oleksii is a 19-year old student and he’s one of the youngest employees at Clearmove.


Oleksii, in your opinion, what is the biggest advantage of working with us?

I’m keen on attitude. In our team, if you do something wrong no one is angry or yells at you, like at school or university. Our teammates can support and explain what is wrong and how to make it better. There’s a great culture of open communication. Another thing I’d like to mention is that the product is very interesting. I managed to be here in the very beginning, I do feel like I’m doing something important. Also, I am given real tasks, not only fixing bugs but way more, for example rewriting code from one language to another together with the VP of Engineering.


What was the biggest challenge for you?

I’m good at backend programming and it’s more interesting for me, but I didn’t expect I’ll work on frontend tasks as well, so we act like full-stack developers. I had very little experience in the frontend in the beginning. When all interns came into work together we had some issues with understanding both work tasks and each other, but we always tried to help one another and share our knowledge.


Tell us more about it.

At Clearmove we have knowledge-sharing events held by our mentors before and after the internship, I find them really useful. We even have a Slack channel where one of our mentors shares interesting articles, paid courses with free access for us, etc. Very helpful knowledge that we can use at work.


What kind of tasks are you given and can you choose what to do today?

We can see all the available tasks in Jira (because we use the Agile method) and the tasks are all very different. The majority of tasks are free to take, you can choose whatever you prefer unless it’s very urgent and someone experienced is needed to finish it as soon as possible. I think it’s great because you can choose what to learn if you are not good at something. In this case, everyone learns and knows a lot.


It’s been three months since you started working with us. What would you recommend to people who want to join us the way you did it? 

There will be several recommendations.

  1. First of all, read about the company to understand what you’ll do from a business point of view. Global Mobility is a rare topic to face, let’s be honest. James, our Supply Chain VP, did a great job with his presentation about what is Global Mobility, who will use our application, and what for.
  2. Second, I’d recommend reading about new technologies, because we use them here a lot. To be more specific I’d say that reading documentation in English is better, because usually it’s the native language of those who write it first hand, and translation in most of the cases is not the best.
  3. Articles on Medium might be useful, courses directly from developers of new technologies too.
  4. A very handy thing to do is to go inside a code to see how it works there; remember some cases to use them later for your own code.
  5. Don’t be afraid. I’m thinking back to my feelings at that time when I applied and I was afraid of working in professional development teams because I thought things would be way more difficult.


How is your work-life balance doing?

Frankly speaking, during the first month it was very difficult to finish tasks on time. I spent more time than I was supposed to, sometimes I worked weekends and evenings. Mainly it was by my initiative, nobody forced me to do so. I just wanted to learn quickly so that in the future it’s easier. Indeed, now it is: I know more and can do more things at higher speed and it’s amazing.


According to your way of thinking, is it possible to learn to program through courses only?

Of course, it is doable. We have lots of informative courses nowadays; it’s enough for beginners. Higher education is not really an important condition to be hired, at least for IT companies in Ukraine. Your knowledge and willingness to learn matters way more.


On a scale from 1 to 10, how satisfied are you?

Definitely 10! I’ve learned a lot about frontend, backend, DevOps, working in the Clearmove team is way better than I expected, they are very helpful.


Was there anything you didn’t like or would like to change about your internship? 

Let me think…. Oh no, there’s nothing really!

The only thing is: I don’t like working online, it’s quite difficult for new people, especially if I can’t ask a question quickly if I need something urgently. Working in the office is way easier, and the working atmosphere is crucial as well. But I understand it’s a temporary situation due to COVID: we need to work from home in these uneasy times. Hopefully, soon we will all be able to meet in the office and work together.

Would you like to work together with Oleksii to solve complex problems that will change global mobility forever?


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