HR Tips: Seven Ways to Improve Workers’ Wellbeing

HR Tips: Seven Ways to Improve Workers’ Wellbeing

We indeed spend most of our waking lives at work. However, worker burnout and turnover have become considerable problems today. A whopping 89% of employees said they’d experienced occupational burnout over the past year, according to The Burnout Epidemic Report 2021.

Companies can reduce both by redesigning work to promote employee wellbeing and health. 

And while wellbeing certainly includes things like exercise and nutrition, improving it isn’t just about physical health. It covers mood and cognition and less tangible factors like a sense of purpose. 

Happy and healthy employees are more efficient, and you get better ROI for your business.

Altogether, it lowers healthcare costs, improves retention, benefits talent attraction, and fosters a positive work environment.

Seven Ways to Improve Workers’ Wellbeing And Prevent Burnout

Happy employees are productive employees. That’s why it is not only about cookies and team buildings. 

In the scope of a corporate environment, workers wellbeing must be provided on the following levels:

  • Employee level 
  • Team level 
  • Organizational level 

Checklist to Help You Execute a Purposeful Wellbeing Program

№1. Create a Comfortable Work Environment 

The essential strategy to increase worker wellbeing lies in forming a work culture where employees can develop supportive relationships with their colleagues. Сultivating a positive work environment so that employees see each other as their colleagues, whom they can turn to, and stimulating openness can drive a culture that attracts more. 

Top areas of focus for attracting and retaining talent are diversity and inclusion, benefits and perquisites, work/life flexibility, corporate culture, and training and learning.

№2. Celebrate Employee Milestones 

No matter how grand they are in scale, these celebrations are intended to cheer everyone with cumulative kudos for their accomplishments. Such acknowledgment by the organization act as positive reinforcement for employees. When you recognize employees’ good work and celebrate their anniversaries, they perform better. Moreover, they feel valued as an individual, and it also bonds team members through shared experiences. 

Ways to celebrate an employee milestone: present with a postcard and a personal wish, a small workplace event, or a day off.

№3. Provide Access To Wellness Programs 

Organize online meditations and yoga sessions, or provide your employees with health and wellness apps accounts to help them thrive at home and work.

According to the Survey, 53% of employers added or increased mental health programs, and 44% added or improved wellness programs due to COVID-19 in 2021.

Among wellness programs, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are the most offered (98%), and physical activity or fitness challenges wellness programs have second place (76%).

№4. Focus on Personal Development 

88% of executives say their company is experiencing higher turnover than normal. Assisting employees in their personal and professional development is a great approach to ensure that your employees are learning and growing.

Every team member should be encouraged to develop the required skills that will help them excel in the day-to-day functions of their role. Create individual development plans and implement effective recognition programs to establish goals, and then work with a team to build a path to achieving those goals. Encouraging employees to find webinars that interest them, providing 1:1 coaching sessions, skill-sharing days with other teams, or interactive e-learning classes will help them reach their goals. Organize monthly check-ins to assure accountability, skill gaps, and progress.

№5. Retain Workers With Sabbaticals

By introducing months-long sabbaticals, companies may retain top talent and help prevent record resignations in some sectors. 

When employees take sabbatical leave, they can use it to develop skills to pursue career-enhancing projects or goals that can bring enormous advantages for the business when an employee gets back to work refreshed, recharged, and ready to focus on the big picture.

№6. Incentivize Preventative Care 

In a time of fast changes, uncertainty, and anxiety, it’s important to provide healthcare services that address employees’ needs and support them. Incentivizing preventative care increases overall productivity in the workplace. If your employee has regular checkups and receives proper care, you have an employee who takes less sick leave down the line. Your team could also eliminate possible diseases in the early stages by encouraging preventative healthcare measures. 

Also, organizing corporate vaccinations and medical checkups is a great way to care for your team. 

№7. Provide Employee Wellbeing During Relocation

Relocation is uniquely stressful. After all, employees are uprooting themselves from their familiar surroundings, so supporting employees through their journey can save them from additional stress. A well-organized relocation package will cover all the necessities such as transportation, household goods moving, visa and legal fees, and short-term housing. Thorough preparation and close communication between HR and Assignee efficiently managed using Atlas platform & Voyager app can substantially impact their mental states. Request a demo.

Wrapping Up

Taking care of your employees’ wellbeing is not just appreciating your team’s input and time. It comes with understanding your employees from a holistic perspective, considering their lives’ overall totality and quality. Improving efficiency and caring for staff should become a system, a philosophy of the company, and not a one-time action. Then the efforts will begin to pay off.

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