How to make a call with the recruiter a pleasant and useful experience?

At Clearmove, we are trying to make your hiring process quick, productive, and pleasant. 

Everything starts with getting acquainted with the recruiter. This is not just spending time on useless questions, here you get to know about the company, the product, and our culture. Also, you’ll be asked several questions to understand whether you will feel comfortable in our surrounding. 

1.English Fluency check 

As we are an international company, it is important to check your English level. We do not demand a certain level of language and don’t check how perfect your grammar is, but you need to be able to explain yourself in English and understand others. Our Managing Director is from Abu-Dhabi, experts in the industry are in London, clients are from around the world, and documentation is in English. So you need to feel comfortable. 

2. How did the candidate start his career? How has it evolved? 

We would like to understand your career path, which skills and experience have you gained during your career. We do not evaluate a person only by their last workplace or how well-known the name of the employer is. Professionalism and individuality are important to us. 

3. What is the most recent company/project/team/role? What are the biggest achievements so far? What are the main motivations to make your career move? 

We also want to understand what motivates you and what exactly did you gain at your previous workplaces. We are quite ambitious and believe that our teammates need to be passionate about what they are doing. We are not looking for someone who just works to work. We appreciate the result. 

4. General questions. What are the candidate’s salary expectations? What is the candidate notice period? Do they want to work in the office or remotely, etc? 

Here we need to understand whether the candidate fits our expectations so that we can proceed to meetings with the team and management. We are always ready to give you feedback. 

Do you have any other questions? Please check out our FAQ.

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