How to Handle Gen Z and Millennial Relocations

How to Handle Gen Z and Millennial Relocations

Millennials and Gen Zs are great additions to the workplace in recent years with their expertise — what they lack in experience can often be supplemented by their skills and passion. With that being said, they are drastically different from the previous generations (and between themselves) when it comes to work mindsets, with radically different values and expectations. Therefore, here are some ways to handle Gen Z and millennial relocations. 

Gen Z vs Millennials

Gen Z, Gen Y, millennials, zoomers…there are different terms used to describe the two generations. But what do they mean exactly? What are their differences? 

Long story short, Gen Z, sometimes referred to as zoomers, are those who were born after 1996. Meanwhile, millennials, or Gen Y, generally refer to those born between 1980 and 1996. This means that as of 2021, millennials are those aged between 25 and 41, and Gen Z refers to those who are younger than 25. 

While millennials have been part of the workforce for quite some time, Gen Zs have only started to join the workforce in recent years. However, it is estimated that by 2025, Gen Zs will make up around 27% of the workforce, a significant percentage that should not be overlooked. 

Handling Gen Z and Millennial Relocations

Relocating Millennials 

Millennials value equality and flexibility. While the boomers are known for their loyalty and regular routines, millennials are known for their pursuit of freedom and flexibility, which is also part of the reason that led to the high turnover rate among millennials, a phenomenon that cost the U.S. economy $30.5 billion annually. 

When it comes to handling millennial relocations, it’s a good idea to focus on their work environment and entertainment. Millennials would prefer a more vibrant destination (e.g. Berlin, Barcelona) over calmer cities (e.g. Zurich), which might otherwise be more suitable for assignees with families. 

Millennials also prefer flexibility, therefore hybrid work models generally appeal to them. As opposed to older generations, millennials prefer new experiences and adventures, which is also something that should be taken into consideration while building a relocation package for millennials. 

Relocating Gen Zs

Gen Zs can be loosely defined as the digital generation — their upbringing revolves around technology, which can be a great advantage in the modern work environment. 

Contrary to popular belief, however, Gen Zs are actually rather different from millennials, although they do share some similarities. While millennials prefer new experiences and adventures due to their upbringing, zoomers, who were mostly raised during economic recessions, values stability

Being the epitome of the digital generation, Gen Zs prefer digital solutions whenever possible — online chat, remote work, mobile communication… which can be advantageous for the company. During the relocation process, they would prefer messaging others over voice calls, for example. 

While it comes to building a relocation package for Gen Zs, it is pretty similar to millennials. Adventurous destinations, comprehensive coverage (e.g. medical coverage and paid time off) all appeal to Gen Zs. They also tend to be more environmentally conscious — a good thing to keep in mind while interacting with them. 


In our age and time, millennials and Gen Zs play a huge role in business development due to their tech-savvy nature and more importantly, their expertise and adaptability in technology. As time goes by, their significance in business developments will only grow stronger and stronger. 

Here at Clearmove, we utilize automation to streamline the relocation process. We have developed Atlas, a mobile application, to help our assignees relocate with ease. From flight tickets to travel documents, everything is stored within the cloud-based system for easy access during the relocation process. Our tech-abled solutions are a perfect fit for both millennials and zoomers. 

We have also developed Atlas and Paradigm, two complementary software to help HR, mobility managers, and our supply partners facilitate the relocation management process. From point A to point B, everything can be taken care of throughout the journey using our software solutions. 

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