How to Create Better Assignee Experience

How to Create Better Assignee Experience

For most employees, deciding to relocate becomes a real challenge. 

Domestic issues, the loss of former social ties, general uncertainty frighten both young professionals and experienced workers. Altogether, these things can transform an assignee experience into a real challenge. As a result, many individuals find it easier to look for a new job than agree to relocate. But there is another way of looking at international relocation. Relocation can be a great motivation for an employee. 

Great Assignee Experience is Vital for Talent Attraction and Retention

Global Mobility is a critical enabler of the global talent strategy, and international assignments are an excellent way to increase the talent pool and staff your business with the best people. As borders reopen and business travel resumes, companies struggle to own and manage the new mobility landscape. 

Some Benefits of Relocation for an Employee:

  • Build a career in new conditions; 
  • Gain work experience in a new team; 
  • Improve financial situation and receive additional social compensation; 
  • Get acquainted with the cultural values and mentality of other regions and countries; 
  • Expand the scope of acquaintances and useful contacts. 

When relocating employees, it is necessary to prevent their disappointment in a new place, as it may result in significant losses for the company. 

Tips For Better Assignee Experience 

№1: Ensure Precise Preparation

When planning and preparing for an international assignment, numerous factors have the potential to contribute to its overall success, with benefits both for your business and for the assignee. 

Negative Results for the Company May Include:

  • Loss of a person responsible for business processes and performing specific duties;
  • The need in hiring a new specialist;
  • Financial losses associated with the transfer of an employee – expenses for housing, relocation costs, etc.

In order to prevent such a result, careful preparation for relocation is carried out.

№2: Prepare an Employee Relocation Package

The relocation package is compensation for all financial, legal, and informational options the company offers to help an employee during the international assignment. The ease of employee movement and, accordingly, the decision to move depends on the fullness of the relocation package. Generally, it consists of various elements and depends on the company policies and employee level of experience. 

№3: Use Technologies To Manage Global Assignments Efficiently

Companies should work to reduce any specialized global mobility applications that are not integrated into the HR and talent workflow or require significant resources to operate and maintain. For example, instead of paying a relocation management company, you can use specifically-designed relocation software to organize your employee’s transfer as smoothly as possible. 

Relocation management software provides HR and mobility professionals with smart solutions. 

These little gems of technology are changing global mobility management from rigid frameworks, tedious reporting, and manual tasks to seamless automation of processes, self-service, and customization. 

Helpful Features of Relocation Software

  • Centralized Relocation Information
  • Access To Local Banking Services
  • Cost of Living Comparison
  • Document Sharing Tools
  • Support Over Different Time Zones
  • Updates With Upcoming Events
  • Chat With Teammates
  • Destinations & Insights Informing

Using the Voyager app, which is complementary software of the Atlas HR platform, the assignee will be able to manage and track assignment progress in real-time. 

Atlas contains features such as relocation expense management, cost projection, destination details, and budget tools. In such a way, the HR or relocation manager can create a policy within one system, add assignees, estimate expenses, make an assignment, track progress, and make a payment. While the assignee stays fully updated with the ongoing process and has all the necessary details and information in one place. 

What is essential, relocation experience doesn’t stop once the assignees reach their destination. Using the app, the assignee can also discover their destination through the country overview tools, allowing them to adjust to the changes in a new foreign land. 

All these features will ensure that your global travelers and their families have a successful experience during international assignments and make the relocation process more comfortable. Click here to request a Demo.

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