How Automation Is Changing the Face of Global Mobility

While automation is not a new concept, the global mobility industry has been slow in embracing the technology. According to a survey in 2020, only 28% of 400 GM companies have adopted salary calculations, one of the more common automated processes in the industry. Global mobility automation remains a new concept for many. 

However, automation has been changing the face of global mobility since then. Here’s how.

The Pandemic

The pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to different sectors, global mobility included. According to a report in May, 34% of America’s small businesses are still closed due to COVID-19. As an industry that heavily relies on international travel, the global mobility industry suffered heavily from the restrictions. 

However, it also brought on some positive changes.

Resource Allocation

Due to the pandemic, reducing costs while promoting efficiency became a priority.  As the pandemic made it difficult to hire more staff, companies resorted to automating the processes to free up more resources. According to a report, 92% of companies expressed their desire to automate manual processes.

Repetitive administrative tasks were one of the first to be automated. This freed up the much-needed resources among the staff so that they could focus on more important tasks instead. That’s just the beginning, however.

The New Trend

Apart from administrative tasks, businesses engaged in global mobility have also been trying to automate other processes, ranging from tax and cost estimate calculations to immigration compliance.

With Clearmove, for example, it is possible to view the service cost estimation through our dashboard. Instead of clarifying the entry requirements for each assignee, we are also able to provide streamlined immigration assistance through automation. 

Apart from that, the industry also sees a trend in automating communication with the assignees. Clearmove makes it possible to keep track of the assignees’ relocation process and communicate with them directly. Should any issues arise, it is also possible to reach them instantly. 

Another advantage of automation is its precision—by negating manual intervention, there is next to no room for human errors. 

The Future 

Utilizing data analysis is another major business trend today. Through automation, this too is made possible. With everything automated and stored digitally in one place, it can generate enough data for further analysis. 

While this is not actively pursued in global mobility today, it does present a multitude of opportunities for business growth. Imagine being able to look at the data and determine the effectiveness of an assignment immediately. That’d be a useful tool to have while planning your business strategies. 


Similar to Clearmove with our automated relocation solutions, more and more businesses are embracing automation. Not only does it simplify the processes and allow for better resource allocation, but it also minimizes the chance of errors. 

With that, it also presents untapped opportunities in business development. Aspects that might’ve been overlooked in the past might finally come to light, allowing for better business strategies. 

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