FAQs about work at Clearmove

We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions to make it easier for you during you recruitment process at Clearmove.

What do you do as a company?

We are a software company focused on developing a suite of applications that supports the relocation and global mobility industry.

Our revolutionary eco-system of products allows our clients to manage the entire life-cycle of employee relocation and mobility. We’ve built three world-class products (Atlas, Voyager, and Paradigm) that allow us to manage and deliver services to our clients worldwide.

Here is a brief description of each of our applications:

1. Atlas
A web-based platform used by HR and Global Mobility teams to track, manage, and deploy their mobile workforce – from anywhere to anywhere.

2. Voyager
A mobile application is available on iOS and Android that provides employees with everything they need to keep on track with their relocation and assignments.

3. Paradigm
A cloud-based platform used by our partners that deliver services to clients globally. This platform is the cornerstone of the Clearmove eco-system as it allows clients to support their employees anywhere they are.

What problems is Clearmove trying to solve?

Thousands of employees relocate every day for a new job or a transfer to another company location. It may be simple to relocate a handful of people – however, it could get challenging once you need to manage mobility for a global organization.

HR and Global Mobility teams have the daunting task of managing immigration regulations, visas, flights, temporary accommodation, and everything required to relocate an employee and their family. Companies rely on immigration consultants, tax providers, relocation agencies, and other service providers across the globe to make this all happen. As you can imagine, handling hundreds or thousands of relocations per year can’t be done using spreadsheets and emails alone.

We’ve built Clearmove to allow global organizations to rely on platforms to streamline and manage every part of global mobility and employee relocation.

Our goal is to become the industry standard and the solution that world-class organizations rely on when they need to move their employees.

What does the recruitment process look like?

The hiring process at Clearmove is very simple, fast and it ranges from 2 to 5 days depending on the department and type of role. Below is an overview of the process.

Day 1: Screening

Once you’ve submitted your employment application, it will immediately be screened to ensure that you meet the requirements of the role.

If you meet all the requirements then your application will be moved to the next stage, which would be a call with the recruiter.

Day 1-2: Introduction Call with Recruiter

The introduction call consists of a 15-30min conversation with the recruiter to see if you would be a good fit for Clearmove. This call aims to ensure that you have the necessary skills for the role and that you would fit into our corporate culture.

If you’ve passed this stage, the hiring manager receives your application and an in-person or online call is scheduled.

Day 3: Interview with Hiring Manager (Technical Interview)

The most important part of the recruitment process would be the interview with the hiring manager. You don’t need to be nervous – we do our best to ensure that you feel comfortable during this meeting.

You will be asked in-depth questions related to past experience and specific technical questions should they apply – nothing complicated and no-curve balls.

Day 4-5: Final Interview

This is the final stage of the interview process: you will have a meeting with your hiring manager, colleagues, and our managing director.

The goal of this call is to ensure that you fit well with the expectations of the people you will be interacting with.

Day 5: Offer Letter

The most exciting part! You get an offer letter with a specified start date and compensation package.

Who is the founder of Clearmove?

You can find out more about our amazing leader, Haitham Al-Khatib, in his interview on our blog post here.

How does the Clearmove technology work?

Our software consists of 3 platforms: Atlas (for the HR and Relocation managers), Voyager (for assignees/business travelers), and Paradigm (for the partners/service suppliers). They are joined under one ecosystem to give our customers the best experience. We use a modern approach in product development, such as monorepo with the latest technologies (React Native and React Native Web, NestJS, RxJS, etc), BDD-driven development, and atomic design in UI. You can find a visualisation on our Instagram or Facebook account.

What does Clearmove's technology infrastructure look like?

You can read more details here.

How does the end-to-end software development process look like?

We have a product team, whose main purpose is to gather requirements from the stakeholders and prepare them for the design-team. After the requirements are ready we have a designing stage, where designers communicate with the product team in order to create a prototype in Figma for new features/flows. After this, we have a pretty standard Scrum process with groomings, planings, retro, etc.

After the developer has their task assigned and done the coding, they need to pass the code-review, auto quality checks, automation tests and manual QA control. After these checks are passed, we consider the feature as done and merge it to the master branch.

Volume and actions in regards to legacy code base?

We have no legacy code, the project is written in all the latest technologies (hooks in React, RxJs and redux-observable for the side-effects, NestJS for backend). We also have modern Gitlab CI/CD.

Can I cooperate with the company on a remote basis

Yes, you can.

How do you treat overtime at your workplace? Is it compensated?

We don’t support overtime. If it happens, you should refer to your manager or HR Manager and solve the problem together.

What kind of project management software is used? Is my performance being tracked somehow?

The engineering team uses Jira and Confluence. The marketing team uses Click Up. In general, your time is not being tracked anyhow. We do not track time, or anything else, rather we are focused on what results you get.

What about career growth opportunities? How do you reconsider my compensation?

We have performance reviews 2 times per year. In addition, PDP plans are made for personal and professional growth in the company. Compensation review is done once a year, but if you show amazing growth, we can review it two times per year individually. If additional learning courses or any other education is needed for your growth, it can be covered by the company.


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