Culture In Clearmove

We are leaders who inspire each other to act beyond borders. It means to develop and apply innovative decisions, to collaborate and share ideas, to take the initiative and be responsible, to care about teammates, clients, and partners and be ready to adapt to ever-changing business conditions, but always keep positive vibes.

1. Innovation 

We reshape the global mobility industry by working together to develop and apply innovative ideas to solve complex problems.

2. Initiative 

We encourage proactivity, enthusiasm, and willingness to lead in Clearmove’s development.

3. Leadership 

We value integrity and honesty above all. We encourage our people to mentor and promote leadership skills from within.

For instance, our current QA Team Lead Olena Turanska was promoted to this position for demonstrating high #Leadership skills and dedication to #Initiative and #Responsibility values.

4. People 

We invest in our people by actively providing development opportunities, feedback to grow, and promote from within.

For example, Clearmove provided our London team with GMS (Global Mobility Service) Certification and paid for employees’ participation in conferences dedicated to Global Mobility and Technology. The company also creates a positive and safe working environment, encourages knowledge-sharing activities among employees, promotes ‘leadership from within’ concept by offering career opportunities and supports the creation of personal development plans. These facts allow us to say that #People is an important value for us.

5. Resilience 

We are flexible, innovative, and ready to adapt to ever-changing business conditions to secure our longer-term vision.

6. Responsibility 

We expect our people to uphold the highest level of responsibility and honesty to deliver on their commitments to teammates, customers, and partners.

7. Teamwork 

We collaborate, share ideas, and knowledge to ensure everyone has the opportunity to achieve extraordinary things.

As an example, our Engineering Team has developed MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for 3 instead of 6 months to meet clients’ expectations. They showed a high level of #Teamwork, #Responsibility and #Resilience. 

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