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Clearmove’s solution: Household goods shipping

Assignees all around the world have many different scenarios to take into consideration when shifting their family to worldwide locations. Moving internationally needs careful planning, and one of the main areas that is proven to be time consuming is physically moving your household goods from A to B.


The problem


There are so many things that go wrong during the process of shipping. If you’ve seen single suitcases being lost at the airport because of a missing letter on the tag, you can understand how difficult it is to control a big shipment of furniture and personal belongings from one continent to another. Losing souvenirs with some clothes is one thing, but the memories of your lifetime, a family memory or first pictures of your children is a more devastating loss. This is why it’s vital to make sure all things are controlled and taken care of so nothing important is lost.


The solution


While moving to another country is certainly stressful, figuring out how you’re going to move your things abroad doesn’t have to be.

With Clearmove things can be done easier and faster. Moreover, you can be sure that your personal belongings will be taken care of.


We offer:

– Assistance with choosing a date and preferable ways of shipment;

– An authorized moving partner ensuring smooth transition;

– The coordination of all relevant documents with the moving partner;

– A quotation to the assignee based on level of service requirement i.e. standard or VIP. Moreover, we collaborate with      PricePoint, which makes it easier for our clients to get quotes and book shipments.


And, what’s most important is:

– Full support and updates on the process at any point of time .


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