#Clearmovers: Maksym Dudkin, VP Of Engineering

You’re young enough (27 years old). What do you think helped you to develop your career so far and become Vice President of Engineering? 

Life circumstances… I come from a very poor family. So I had to spin. I started my first commercial experience in IT when I was 15. At the same time, I taught other people to dance. It was my passion but I had to quit due to health conditions. In general, my ambitions, courage and willingness to get to the bottom of the point played an important role in my development. I’m always looking for answers on my questions and coming up with the decision. In other words, I’m a professional problem solver.

How did you get into IT?

My uncle studied at the Computer Academy called “Shag” (“Step” in English). I also decided to try. I was 11 and there was a course only for teenagers. However, I didn’t give up and successfully passed an interview. I had been learning the basics of design, system administration and programming for 2 years there. Then I continued to dive deeper into programming on my own due to the lack of money to pay for the course. Later I entered university in Lugansk to study Systems Engineering. I have already worked as a freelancer. But one of my professors offered me to join the company which was developing an online-library (something like Bookmate or Google Books). Being 19 years old I worked as the main engineer there and earned 300$ per month (big money for that period of time for me).

The best way to learn in IT from your point of view.

I think books are not the most efficient and convenient way to learn, but official documentation and articles based on official documentation. Sometimes it’s even easier to read technology source code rather than documentation. Because documentation can be wrong as well 🙂

What did you do before Clearmove?

I worked as a developer, team lead, tech lead, CTO and even founded my own IT company. But at Clearmove I have a chance to do what I WANT to do RIGHT NOW – create, lead, communicate with clients and enter a new network.

How did you join Clearmove?

I participated in HolyWar (discussion, in other words) on LinkedIn. There was a recruiter there who offered me a vacancy at Clearmove. We met with Haitham and Luigi, then I coped with a test task (which took 1 week of my time!), discussed the conditions and signed the contract on the 4th of April (symbolic date for IT specialists because of 404 Not Found error).

What was your best day at work?

There were a few of them – my first week, when we discussed plans with A.J., Haitham, Luigi and Dina in Kyiv; release of students’ platform after 6 months of work, business trip to London, when I got to know London team better, and to Abu Dhabi for the meetings with clients and, finally, the date of new platforms’ release after 3 months of intensive and hard work.

What are you most proud of (about working at Clearmove)?

Our platforms which were delivered on a tight deadline and a great team that made it happen.

Which of the company’s values (Innovation, Initiative, Responsibility, Leadership, Resilience, Teamwork, People) resonates with you the most? 

I value initiative, leadership, responsibility and honest communication (included in ‘People’ value) the most. Such kind of people I did and do my best to attract to Clearmove.

Your credo.

You think everything is not so simple. Everything is just not as you think (playing with words simple and just, which are the same in Ukrainian/Russian).


Your main strength: Problem solving and networking.

Your main weakness: I burn out quickly.

Your hobbies: I am a HobbyMan. I’m keen on everything – playing the guitar, writing music, painting, going up the climbing wall, yoga, handstand, tea ceremonies, coffee, microbiology, jurisprudence, repairing, etc. Using the Pareto principle I spend those 20% of the time on getting 80% of results and then just find another hobby.

1 fact about you that nobody knows: At school, I was unconfident and couldn’t formulate an opinion. My aunt helped me with my homework when there was a need to write texts.

Quality you value in people: Ability to keep a word.

What makes you happy: Team building activities, hobbies and successes of our company.

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