Graphic & Motion Designer

Job Description

We are looking for Graphic & Motion Designer who will join our Marketing team and help Clearmove to promote tech infrastructure for the global mobility industry.


At Clearmove we love what we do. That’s why we are looking for a person who is passionate about technology and is eager to learn all day long. Responsibility, proactivity and honesty are must-haves. If you enjoy working in a team and respect people the same way we do, you’ll be a perfect match for our band.

Apart from that, we’re expecting:
• 2,5 + years of working experience
• Experience with Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effect
• Spoken and written English
• Ability to communicate clearly and defend your decisions
• Experience with Keynote

Required documents and links:
• CV
• Portfolio

You will be responsible for

• Creation of banners for social media of the company (Instagram, FB, LinkedIn, blog on the corporate website)
• Illustrations for web platforms, social media and presentations
• Creation of presentations in Keynote
• Motion animation creation for corporate media

Our programs:
• Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effect



Perks & Benefits

• Long-term cooperation
• Opportunity to apply the latest approaches in graphic and motion design
• Professional development and learning support
• Flexible working hours
• Speaking clubs with native English speakers
• Team building activities

Besides, you will feel supported and treated well, which includes:
• Mentors who believe in your potential. They will help you to independently reach the answers and achieve your best results. Mentors offer guidance, support you all the time, and share their expertise in areas you want to learn about
• A diverse range of tasks in your role that will give you the ability to simultaneously develop multiple skills
• A friendly atmosphere where you can always ask questions and communicate freely
• Constant engagement in the team to make you feel integrated (stand-ups, meetings, AMAs, speaking clubs, etc)

About Clearmove

Clearmove is a cloud-based global mobility solution that helps global companies move their people from anywhere to anywhere.

Our award-winning platform has been recognized globally as a leading solution for mobility programs of all sizes. Clearmove has been first to deliver a truly full integrated solution to support both expat populations as well as business travelers. The power of our software lies in our deep integrations with our global partners and simple to use application to deliver incredible results.

Our mission is to create a more connected world by allowing people to move freely from role to role and across organizational and geographic boundaries.

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