Who We Are
The fastest growing technology provider for global mobility
Our mission is to deliver the most reliable and scalable global mobility infrastructure that empowers our clients & service partners around the globe.
“Our team of creators and industry experts are the driving force of our innovation. We create cutting edge technology that transforms the way people transcend beyond borders.”
Haitham Al-Khatib
- Managing Director at Clearmove
Technology Meets Industry
Tech-Enabled. Industry Focused. Success Driven.
We are transforming the landscape in which HR and global mobility professionals work, overcoming obstacles and meeting challenges head on to ensure a delightful experience for all parties involved including the assignee and their families.
Engineering Hours Invested in R&D
GMS Certified Professionals
Award-winning technology company providing completely integrated Global Mobility infrastructure.
Clearmove is a technology first company that has invested heavily in highly experienced Global Mobility professionals with decades of experience.
API integrations facilitate full policy management, reporting & compliance throughout the relocation life cycle & beyond.
We work very hard to establish relationships with Service Partners which reflect our corporate values & vision.
Our Driving Force
Lead by Exceptional Professionals
Our team of industry leaders push the boundaries of innovation and define the future of mobility.
James Speirs
VP Global Supply Chain
Managed suppliers in over 120+ countries
Lesley Putnam
VP Global Service Delivery
Passionate about delivering world class serivce
John Miller
VP Business Development
Over 25+ years of experience across EMEA and APAC
The Trusted Mobility Solution That Delivers Compliance