5 Steps To Join Clearmove

You’re inspired by our mission and goals. The next question is “How to join Clearmove?” Follow these 5 transparent steps and become one of us.

Step 0. Culture fit 

Clearmove is a team of technology professionals, global mobility consultants, supply chain specialists, and corporate staff. And all of us are leaders and creators who act beyond borders and inspire others to do the same. 

Put a plus if you are keen on: 

  1. developing and applying innovative decisions, 
  2. collaborating and sharing ideas, 
  3. leading by example,
  4. taking the initiative,
  5. responsibility,
  6. caring about teammates, clients, or partners,
  7. and always ready to adapt to ever-changing business conditions.

7 pluses give you all chances to become one of us. However, if you hesitate whether you fit our company culture or job description, just send us your CV. A professional recruiter will help you to figure it out.

Step 1. Application

Apply for an open vacancy on our career page or send us a resume to if there is no perfect job for you at the moment. 

If you attach a portfolio or motivation letter to your CV, it will increase your chances to be selected for the next round.

Step 2. Contact with recruiter

Wait for the recruiter to contact you via email, LinkedIn, or Telegram, ask additional questions and/or set up an interview.

Be open and sincere while communicating your career plans. We will do the same with our expectations as we do not want to spend your and our time in vain.

Step 3. Interview

Visit our interview or set of interviews (depends on a position).

Be prepared. Find out about our company and product. Be ready to tell us about your previous experience, share the proofs of your hard and soft skills, learning preferences, and career aspirations.

Step 4. Test task

Perform a test task for some positions.

Ask clarifying questions if needed and follow the deadline.

Step 5. Feedback & job offer

Wait for the feedback and a dream job offer.

Our recruiters will do their best to give you feedback as soon as possible. Anyway, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding your recruitment process results.

We’re hiring the best and brightest to help us solve complex problems that will change global mobility forever. Are you up for a challenge? Apply here!