Description of Clearmove’s app infrastructure

The Clearmove app is a classic SaaS project, where there are several services written in JS/TS, and several databases. The main relational database is Postgresql, and the Redis database is also used to organize caches.

The project is hosted in the cloud provider of AWS data centers. This helps us keep pace with technologies and allow us to write our code faster, better, and more securely.

The backend services are organized in docker containers in the AWS ECS Fargate system. We have migrated from K8S (Kubernetes) to AWS to reduce the security risks and migration towards Serverless solutions. AWS Lambda functions are partially used for service tasks, but the infrastructure additionally has the ability to use them as request handlers.

For the fronted part, an AWS-based CDN network is used. It also has a small number of AWS Lambda functions to speed up the processing of requests to applications.

Perimeter security is carried out following the best AWS practices, using tools for continuous security and continuous monitoring.

All infrastructure is described as Terraform code (IaC). There are several completely identical product environments for developing and testing code.

The application code is in the mono-repository in Gitlab. Continuous build and test pipelines go through numerous stages from building code, packaging into a container, and all sorts of tests and checks to the final deployment in a completely automatic mode. The delivery of the code to the product environment is not something unique; it doesn’t require a lot of approvals and a dedicated day, it can be delivered to production at any time. The whole process of deployment and testing is described in the form of code and is available in mono repo for improvements and changes. The role of a dedicated DevOps engineer is more to help in development and support than to control and prohibit changes to everything and everyone.

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